REST API For Developers

Beautify Code offers you REST API support for all features that appear on the site:

  • Code formatters and beautifiers
  • Code minifiers for HTML, CSS, JSON, XHTML
  • Converters for CSS frameworks including LESS, SASS and SCSS
  • Escaping tools for JSON and Regex
  • Text extractors
  • Markdown Converters
  • Webmaster Generators (SRI HASH and URL Slugs)
  • Text utilities

There are almost 50 different featuers that can be used. I will add more APIs in time. Beautify Code API Documentation

Register an account

For having access to this API, you should register and request an API Key. You must add this API key in the header: X-Api-Key: your API key.

The API is designed using the OpenAPI interface and there is a Swagger definition. You can see how the endpoints parameters are described and what response you get.

Currently, there is a limit of 2000 calls per day, but I have in plan to increase this number.

If you have problems send me a message on the Contact page or an email.