Bcrypt Hash Generator

Bcrypt Password Generator

The BCrypt algorithm is used to create passwords. It is designed to make brute-force attacks on hashed passwords computationally expensive. When someone tries to guess a password, it would be complicated to find the correct password because the attacker would have to try all possible combinations of characters in a password. It is computationally difficult for an attacker to crack the password because of the time it would take to try all the combinations.

Bcrypt is an algorithm that converts a password string into a sequence of bytes using a technique called hashing. The name is derived from the algorithm's use of Bruce Schneier's Blowfish cipher.

Bcrypt uses salting and the SHA-256 algorithm to generate the hash. The Bcrypt function is designed to make it computationally expensive to reverse the hashing process and, thus, slow down brute-force attacks.

For this service, I have used this library.

A new hash is generated if you don't specify a hash.

How does the BCrypt function work?

First, the user provides a password. Then, the password is hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm. Next, the salt value is added to the result. Then, the result is converted into a byte array. Finally, the user-provided password is compared with the byte array, and the password is valid if the byte array matches the user-provided password.

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