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The hexadecimal system is a numeral system that uses base 16. Only the digits from 0-9 and letters A-F are used. The letters are used for numbers that have two digits. For example, A is the correspondent for 10. This means for the representation of a number, you can only use these 16 symbols.

The hexadecimal numeral system is widely used in computers and on the internet because they represent a human-friendly representation of the binary numbers, which all computers use. The hex numbers are still hard to understand if you are not familiar with them, but you can convert them using the hex to decimal converter. The hex to dec takes your hexadecimal number and converts it to a standard number.

How to convert hexadecimal to decimal

To transform a hex number to a decimal number, first, you convert the letters to numbers. For each position, you calculate the power of 16. The formula is 16^position. The most far-right digit has position 0, so you calculate 16^0, for the second digit, you calculate 16^1. After that, you must take each digit and multiply it with the corresponding power result. In the end, you sum up these results.

The hexadecimal to decimal converter will do all the calculations for you.

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