Minify HTML

Minify HTML Online

The minification consists of removing all trailing whitespaces and empty spaces, all optional tags, slashes, redundant code, comments, and collapse the lines. There is a big difference between a regular file and a minified one. An HTML minified file is hard to read by humans, but the parsers can read faster because only needed characters are in that file.

The webmasters always choose to minify their HTML, CSS, and Javascript resources. The reason for minifying your assets is to increase the speed of your website. After the minifying process, the resources delivered to the client have a smaller size, so there is lower bandwidth consumption. You can have a significant impact on your site speed after you minify all resources. Usually, after the minified process, a request improves with at least 50-100 percent. If you also bundle the resources into a single file, then the website will be much faster.

For HTML minification, I used Web Markup Min library. This library can be used in ASP.NET applications to minify HTML files on-the-fly.