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HTML To Markdown Converter

HTML is the most popular markup language used by all websites. In recent years, more and more websites are using the Markdown markup language to format text easily.

Big sites like Github or Stackoverflow use the Markdown format for comments and descriptions.

If you are not familiar with the Markdown language, you can use this HTML converter. Write your text using HTML markup and convert it to Markdown format.

Markdown is easier to use than HTML, but this also means that it supports only some tags. You can use:

  • heading tags: h1 to h6
  • paragraph tag (p)
  • em and strong tags (<strong></strong>,<em></em>)
  • i and b tags
  • blockquote
  • code
  • list tags (li, ol, ul)
  • table tags (table, th, tr, td)
  • break tag (br)

This HTML to Markdown converter is based on ReverseMarkdown.

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