Javascript Formatter

Beautify JS Online

In order to reduce loading times and to prevent tampering with their code, many Javascript libraries are deployed in a minified and uglified form. While this helps your website load faster and deters unwanted modifications, it also makes things difficult when you want to make any changes to such a file.

This Javascript code beautification tool helps you reverse the minification and uglification processes, by converting such code into a human-readable and editable format.

In order to achieve this, the tool performs the following operations:

  1. Puts white spaces between literals, variables, operands and operators
  2. Places each statement on its own line
  3. Indents the code, based on the block it belongs to
  4. Puts a new line between code blocks

The resulting Javascript code is much easier to understand and to edit, making it possible for you to make any changes you need. Transform minified javascript to unminified using the Beautify JS Tool.

This JavaScript beautifier use the Jsbeautifier library.