URL Slug Generator

Create Slugs for your website pages

A slug identifies a specific page of your website. The slug represents the words that appear in an URL after the domain name. If the domain name points to your website, the slug identifies a page on your site.

A slug can only contain ASCII characters. You cannot directly insert emoticons, diacritics, spaces, the Cyrillic alphabet, or letters with accents. For this reason, the slug must separate the words using a hyphen, and special characters should be encoded.

The slug URL generator helps you create a slug starting from the title of your pages. You must enter the title, and the generator will create a URL containing only lowercase words, separated by hyphens.

A friendly slug will increase the visibility of your page. Let's think of an example: You have a link to a page like this: https://domain.com/A-BAdexample. You may avoid this website because it doesn't have a clear URL format. If you see a link as https://domain.com/a-good-example, you will trust it.

If you want to create your slug creator, look at the SlugGenerator library.

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