URL Slug Generator

Create Slugs for your website pages

A slug identifies a specific page of your website. The slug represents the words that appear in an URL after the domain name. If the domain name points to your website, the slug identifies a page on your site.

A slug can only contain ASCII characters. This means that you cannot directly insert emoticons, diacritics, spaces, Cyrillic alphabet, or letters with accents. For this reason, the slug must separate the words using a hyphen and special characters should be encoded.

The slug URL generator helps you in the process of the creation of a slug starting from the title of your pages. You must enter the title, and the generator will create a URL that will contain only lowercase words, separated by hyphens.

A nice slug will increase the visibility of your page. Let's think of an example: You have a link to a page that looks like this: https://domain.com/A-BAdexample. There is a big chance that you will avoid this website because it doesn't have a clear URL format. If you see a link as https://domain.com/a-good-example, you will trust it.

If you want to create your own slug creator, take a look at the SlugGenerator library.

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