SRI Hash Generator

Subresource Integrity Hash

SRI Hash or subresource integrity represents a browser security feature that calculates the hash of a library to ensure that it has not been modified.

The subresource integrity hash is used by browsers to ensure that the content of a resource wasn't changed. Let's say that you are using the JQuery library from a CDN. A hacker can get access to the Content Delivery Network and change the source code, then all the sites that use that library will be hacked. So, CDN libraries are vulnerable to attacks.

For solving the vulnerabilities issues, the browser allow you to set integrity hash. If the hacker manage to change the source code of that library, the hash will change and the browser will not load the new source code, because it expects the old hash. SRI Hash

This tool can generate the hash for a text or for a URL. If you use it for a URL, then the service will download the response and will generate the hash of it.